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Application of scientific developments of TTI NRNU MEPhI to production

TTI NRNU MEPhI concluded some contracts with the FSUE "Instrument-Making Plant" of the SC "Rosatom" for manufacture the instruments:

- controlling heat treatment of steel,

- thickness measurement of conductive coatings with thickness up to 4 mm on curved surface,

- defectoscopy of products with thickness up to 10 mm.

These instruments based on the method of eddy currents are unique in metrological characteristics and have no analogues.

The developed unit "Active eddy current converter» makes possible to solve a wide range of industrial, scientific and practical problems.

VIII all-Russian youth scientific-innovative School – Conference “Mathematics and mathematical modeling” in Sarov.

From 8 to 11 April the VIII all—Russian youth scientific-innovative School – Conference “Mathematics and mathematical modeling” was held at SarPhTI NRNU MEPhI. Our delegation was represented by I.A.Komleva, a senior teacher of Physics and Mathematics Department TTI NRNU MEPhI and K. Yakimov, the third year student of group 5-TM-31. They presented their work “Problem solving in finding the optimal route using the Little method” at the section "Modern software complexes and systems in mathematical modeling." Competent jury became interested in the work of our participants, having noted that for the 3rd year student it was a serious claim for the future.

Youth. Science. Culture.

From 9 to 11 April TTI NRNU MEPhI was presented at a scientific

Conference "Youth. Science. Culture" in Moscow. Students of the 1st year D. Ahmatgareev and L. Petrova were invited to the capital on the results of correspondence round of research work competition. The theme of their research work was "From the international activities of Jaroslav Hasek in the Southern Urals in the period of civil war and foreign military intervention." On the results of the conference our students received I degree Diploma.

Students’ research work was published in the digest YSC- 2014 dedicated to the year of Culture in Russia, as well as to the greatest event of the unification of Russia and Crimea.

Trekhgorny Technological Institute


Our educational institution was founded in 1956 as a polytechnic for the purposes of our local instrument – making plant. In 1990 a branch of MEPHI was opened on its base to prepare highly qualified engineers for this plant. For the years of its existence it gave secondary and higher education and all necessary professional skills to nearly 4,000 technicians and 700 engineers. Most of them are engaged in different spheres of production at our local enterprise. At present we are providing both higher and secondary professional education for specialists in such fields as:

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Трехгорный технологический институт

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